container houses-modular steel container houses

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Hearing the modular steel container houses, you may feel very good understanding of the literal meaning that is the kind of container house made from steel, the market is increasingly seen.

In China, most of the construction market the earliest on the site are the kind of simple prefab house,most are used as workers' accommodation, some are used to pile up debris on the site. Because of these prefab houses, the workers can have the place to live. This also corresponds to the mission of Tiandi Color Steel-"keep out wind and rain for the world”. Along with the progress of science and technology and the development of the building market, many domestic factories are constantly innovating. In order to adapt to the needs of customers at home and abroad, introduce advanced talent and upgrade prefab house to the present container house. Since it comes to the container house, from its appearance, similar to a model with standard size, the earliest container was the kind used to transport, in many ports and ports are very easy to see, it is usually called shipping container which is made of pure iron, used to ship the goods, and that's all. Today, through continuous creativity and modification, steel model container house has become mobile container house made of iron sheet, and the new type of container residence made of color steel sandwich panel and all kinds of steel structure.

This new kind of house is also called container house, container home or container residence. Container house with window and door is based on shipping container as main materials.

This kind of container house is often built in construction site as workers camp. It is also used as rental housing use, which is durable and easy to set up. Therefore, container house is also known as living container. This container house is divided into container type and welded type.

Container type refers to traditional containers transformed into a container house, which is the reuse of abandoned cargo container. The feature is very strong in order to can withstand greater pressure.

New welded type is popular as living container in recent years. Because of its technology close to the first kind of containers, so it is called mobile container house .This kind of container house technical standard is lower than cargo container.

Container room is characterized by transportation, installation, convenient to move. What ‘s more, the cost is low and the life is more than ten years . With high return on investment, using range of container is wide. In many countries and districts, most of the young people love this kind of container house, some of them use them as moved house when in travel, some use for shop or other entertainment site directly, decorated very well outside. Generally one container house is 20ft, they usually put several container houses together as what they want, as a modular steel structure container house, different style can attract the clients and customer's eyes. This house can be assembled very easy and convenient, just like build a building, make the base site leveling, use concreted floor is best, then arise the column, use the crosswise beam to connect framework, up-clapboard, wall panel, door and windows' frame, then floor, put the roof and wall panel, at the end, install the door and window. Meanwhile, if the house also with the bathroom and some accessories like toilet, basin, furniture and etc would be better.

With the different requirements and usage, this kind of house have a lot space to develop, we believe the
modular steel container houses market is becoming larger and larger in the future.

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