container houses supplier-Tiandi being rated "Five-star Integrity Enterprise"

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Container houses supplier-Tiandi being rated "Five-star Integrity Enterprise" by Suzhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau



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On May 1, 2015, Suzhou Tiandi Color Steel was awarded as “Five-star Integrity Enterprise” by Suzhou industrial and commercial bureau, which showed great affirmation to Tiandi’s principle of integrity and strong support of its brand influence and core competitiveness.

As Mocius said: “One can achieve nothing without integrity and honesty.”, which applies to human beings and also enterprises. Since founded in 2009, Tiandi has been stick to integrity as its core concept of management and strategic target. It is Tiandi’s strong belief that customers are worthy of life’s commitment.
Regarding quality as the foundation of enterprise’s long-term survival and the key to remain invincible in competition, Tiandi has been devoted to developing safe, effective and high quality mobile integrated housing base. For its high ranking products, Tiandi has successfully gained the market as well as public praise and approval from customers and experts in industry.
Integrity is not only the rule of customer service but also the working principle in the company. Aimed to make employees enjoy the highest happiness index in the world, Tiandi has been offering outstanding staff houses and cars as annual awards. Up to now, 11 employees has been provided with cars and 8 with houses. Even in difficult times, Tiandi would rather borrow loans from banks than to lose confidence in staff.
With commitment to integrity, Tiandi has obtained universal approval and trust from customers and employees, and now rated as Five-star Integrity Enterprise by Suzhou industrial and commercial bureau. With this great honor, Tiandi will keep making more high-quality products, and develop further as a high-integrity enterprise.
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