Tiandi (container houses) Group visited by President of Wuxi Shipyard

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Tiandi (container houses) Group was visited by President of Wuxi Shipyard Wang Guodong



Tiandi (container houses) Group was visited by President of Wuxi Shipyard 



With an aim to build a top production base and create first-class integrated housing, Wang Guodong, president of Wuxi Shipyard, being one of Wuxi's top ten outstanding young entrepreneurs, provided guidance for container production on his visit to Tiandi Group on May 23, where he was warmly welcomed by President Yu Fangwei, Deputy manager Xue Jian and staff of the production department at Tiandi Group. Shortly after the warm reception, President Wang was shown around the offices and manufacturing base accompanied by President Yu. During his visit, President Wang spoke highly of Tiandi's current achievement in production and also gave lots of constructive advice and suggestions on the production process from his years of experience.




Wang Guodong, incumbent president of Wuxi Shipyard, is a man full of hardwork and enterprising spirit, integrity and innovation, who sets a good example for the young of today. To honor his hardship and spirit of entrepreneur, he was awarded one of Wuxi's Top Ten Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs. 




During his visit, Mr. Wang was given a detailed introduction of Tiandi's current scale and development trends by president Yu of Tiandi Group as they looked around the offices, workshop, canteens, gyms, etc. In the workshop, Mr. Wang expressed his approval of Tiandi's process and structure of production and also gave great advice from his perspectives. Much inspired by his instructive questions and resolutions to the current issues, the production team were eager to apply all these new ideas to the manufacturing base for safe, effective and high quality integrated housing. Then Mr. Wang emphasized Tiandi's focus on the quality of production, extended his hope for perfect means of quality supervision and reliable quality management certification system coming into being in the near future.




Mr. Wang showed his great expectation towards Tiandi's bright future at the end of his tour. Learning so much from his speech, president Yu and the staff of production department are all determined to stick to their goal of becoming the top integrated housing manufacturing base, no matter what difficulties may appear. 

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