Comfortable 40ft cheap container houses for sale from Tiandi Color Steel

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To build a container house to live in for today, you are wise to get assistance from experts in the industry. Experts are many out there, and it is you who need to select one that should serve you right.



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The world is like a kaleidoscope, and you may always want to enjoy the beautiful scenes of it. Walking out with your family and spending as much time as possible with your family or the ones you love must be always fascinating. Now you only need something like a tent to realize your dream of living in the wild without being disturbed by its nuisance such as cold and rain. Tents may be easy to pick up but they don’t allow you to totally enjoy your time if rains or other bad weather arrive suddenly. Besides, you may easily lose your precious belongings in the wild only with a tent. Facing up to these disturbing conditions, you are probably missing your “home” far away from you. It is kind of home-sick feeling. Tents will never help you, but container houses will definitely meet your high demands at this critical moment.



Who can now help you, friend? The professionals! They clearly know what you really want, they try to figure out what helps you, and they make efforts to serve you as their ultimate purpose. Tiandi Color Steel Co., Ltd. is one among the many professionals, and it is special, because it offers you 40ft container houses for cheap prices. The company is located in one of the most beautiful cities of the world--Suzhou, the highly admired city by people from across the entire nation. In this beautiful land, Tiandi (heaven and earth) Color Steel is manufacturing 40 ft container houses to serve your demand with a sincere heart. But you may not have any idea about them.



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Each of these houses is 30 square meters in size and weighs 3600 kg in total. More importantly, you can repetitively dismantle them without making them damaged, and each one has a lifespan of over 25 years. The whole structure is made of steel, which guarantees it will never change its shape or collapse unexpectedly. No worry about this at all! The more illuminating feature of Tiandi Color Steel’s container houses is, no matter how small a space it, it will be economically and beautifully used by its designers.



However, you may think a container is a huge metal which is difficult to move here and there. Its rival is the tent, which can be backpacked or carried easily from one place to another. Yet, you will not enjoy yourself and your family as much as when you have a house at hand to serve your. With a mobile container, you will have a sound sleep and completely relax.



40ft cheap container houses 3




The container houses from Tiandi Color Steel work as a home, a very comfortable home because of their homey warmth, washing room, kitchen, cozy beds as well as a cafe at the corner of each “house”. It is comfortable and mesmerizing. When you come to the beach, you don’t have to be afraid your tent is blown away or broken by strong wind. Sitting inside it, you may watch the gorgeous scenery showing off itself at the end of the horizon or pick up an interesting book to read. Furthermore, you can enjoy a barbecue with your entire family. What a life!




When you carry your container to the forest to experience “green living” to drive off your work pressure and unhappy things, you should remember you are in a forest, where insects may come and go to disturb you, and you need to close the window in time to avoid these forest residents. Now you don’t have to take lots of packages with you, for the container solves your problem once and for all.



You don’t have to squander so much money at a lavish hotel, and instead a 40 ft container house with a cheap price is here for you. If you want but have no inspiration to decorate the “home”, the team from Tiandi Color Steel Co., Ltd. are here for you too. Its members can completely satisfy your demand as long as you set your standard. So far, the Chinese company has spread its name and products to 55 countries of the world, and it is still expanding passionately. It is appreciated by so many countries, only because it serves each and every customer with sincerity and with a wish to build a better world.

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