Tiandi Color Steel’s flat pack containers settle in Kenya

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In this mid May, Tidian Color Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.’s 149 flat pack container houses were installed in Nairobi, Kenya after it had exported its containers to dozens of countries of the world.



Flat pack containers are shipped to site.


The 149 flat pack containers are a good number, but the story behind it is indeed impressive, not only from those responsible for this big deal but also from the benefits, services and interactions featured in this firm.



Container parts are being craned.


The story began from March of this year. After a series of communication, interactions and negotiations, Mrs. Wang Qian, the foreign trade chief inspector of the company, finally reached an agreement with the person in charge of this deal from Kenya in March.



Workers are carrying a container board.


The customer called Mrs. Wang and said he had remitted the money for the deal, and Mrs. Wang answered: “Okay, we will deliver our goods to you as soon as possible.”


After the deal was finished and the flat pack container houses were delivered, the construction was about to begin. In this mid May, when everything was done, engineer of Tiandi Color Steel Mr. Hang Jiarong and the construction workers began to install these containers shipped from China.



Container houses are being built.


These containers are the flat pack type, which is specially made for building offices and living rooms. And so, piecing them together with other components these houses need is not something easy. It needs one expert at least. As for this special condition and requirement of the customer, Tiandi’s engineer Mr. Han visited that site and helped with the construction.


It was a toiling job for the construction workers and for the expert guiding this construction. Fortunately, these 149 containers were finally successfully installed. This story is not over yet.



Our engineer and construction workers


This is a successful example of Tiandi’s container house deals with foreign customers, and there must be something secretive and meaningful about it. What? I know, it is the question: why do people want to do business with Tiandi Color Steel? As for this question, I consulted Mrs. Wang, the person who is in charge of this deal. She releases some of her real secrets in the following paragraph.



Mission accomplished


“I just quickly give feedback to him as well as to each of my customers. We tried to make the most suitable design for the customer. We provided him with quick service, and I interacted with him frequently.” After a pause, she added: “He is also my old customer.” What does an old customer mean? He trusts her and she will never cheat him. That’s the principle of this foreign trade chief inspector, and the principle of Tiandi Color Steel.


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