3 cheap prefab houses suitable for construction sites

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Are you still looking for cheap and comfortable movable houses for your construction site? No doubt, the houses you are looking for are prefab houses which can be cheap and comfortable, as long as you already have a clear plan in your mind and can find a suitable prefab house builder.


The first thing we discuss is the plan you have designed in your mind. A few people want to experience a unique and fantastic lifestyle and so they are searching for prefab houses that look stylish, beautiful, attractive, shining and comfortable, so that they can fully enjoy themselves. However, these houses are fairly expensive and need so much time and energy to build. Yet, those who long to build these houses may only wish to experience a different life and don’t care too much about expenditure if the houses they want are really nice.


For a construction site, however, the thing seems quite different, because you consider more of house mobility, comfort, quality and price. You don’t need to make each house look gorgeous, you don’t have to decorate each room like the bedrooms in your home, and you don’t need to make each house exterior or interior stylish so that you can fully experience the beauty of life. Why? The houses you need are those that can accommodate workers, provide a good environment for lodging and cooking, and be easily dismantled when the project is over. Now here are three cheap and comfortable prefab house samples, which may meet your demand.


No. 1. Oman prefab houses

These prefabs cover an area of 3,100 square meters which contains dinning rooms, storehouses and washrooms. They don’t touch the ground but are supported by brick seats. The components that build up these houses are all white. Hope to consult their cheap prices, please visit 2013 Oman prefab house 3100m2.


oman prefab house 1


oman prefab house2


oman prefab house3


No. 2. Prefabricated living houses on an island

These prefabs are made of white boards and red steel structures and roofs. Different from Oman prefab houses, they touch the ground and look more beautiful. Hope to learn their cheap prices, please visit prefabricated living houses on island.


Prefabricated living house on Island 1


Prefabricated living house on Island 2


Prefabricated living house on Island 3


No. 3. K type prefab houses

They are made of white boards and blue steel structures. They not only touch the ground but also have two floors which can accommodate more workers and are comfortable. These prefabs are often seen on construction sites. Hope to learn their cheap prices, please visit K Type prefab house.


K Type prefab house 1


K Type prefab house 2


K Type prefab house 3


Indeed, these house styles are not as beautiful as those that are appreciated by style goers, while they are useful, comfortable and cheap and can surely satisfy those who want to build mobile houses on a common construction site for workers. Believe or not, they can be built by Suzhou Tiandi Color Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. from China, a company and manufacturer specializing in producing commercial prefabricated houses.

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