5 Reasons You Should Build A Container House

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No matter whether you have heard of container houses or not, now you face the reality that container houses have various advantages many house seekers may find suitable for themselves. There are various reasons that you should build a container house, and the following 5 reasons may finally help you make the decision.


container house1

Reason No. 1. Building a container house won’t cost you so much money as you spend on building a traditional house. Container houses can be divided into several groups including flat pack and modified shipping container houses. Generally speaking, flat pack container houses are not as expensive as modified shipping container houses because the latter are likely to be built into homes and can more prevent rain, storm and lightning to damage themselves. Not matter what prices they may be, they are not as expensive as building a traditional house. Today a large shipping container house can cost about 30,000 dollars or so. Those who cannot afford too much money to build a traditional house can pay some money to build such a house.

container house2


Reason No. 2. A container house can look even more beautiful and stylish than a brick and steel house. A common tradition house cannot be built as beautiful and stylish as you wish unless you are planning to pay a high price for it. In contrast, a container house can be made into different shapes and styles that will nearly exactly reach your demand without costing you so much money. The trick is containers themselves are not as expensive as bricks, steel, cement and other building materials. You have a good design and then ask your engineer to decide how to begin to build such a house for you. It is natural that you are allowed to add many of your personal styles to the house you are going to build. For example, if you need to build a container house with a wall-like transparent window, the designer and builder will do it for you without spending too much money. Now there are at least two containers for you to choose from: flat pack containers and shipping containers. Choose one according to your personal concern and financial condition.


container house in construction4

Reason No. 3. Cheaper and high quality containers can be bought through foreign trade. This sounds confusing. Why should I build a house through foreign trading containers? The fist and foremost answer is you can save money. The second answer is you can buy better products than you think possible. A foreign trading product can be cheaper? Yes, indeed! The precondition is you find the right container house builder from the right region or nation. Flat pack and shipping containers both can be shipped from overseas with cheaper prices. Search the web and find your suitable ones. At least, Suzhou Tiandi Color Steel from China is an alternative for you to try luck.


container house4

Reason No. 4. Container houses can also be made into a temporary camp site for construction workers and other people far away from home anywhere on earth. We know many people are working here and there on earth, and they need shelter to stay for some time. At this time temporary homes can be applied. Theoretically, shipping containers can also be built into such sites, while the cost is really high. Due to this consideration, cheaper flat pack containers are widely assembled into such houses, which have helped lots of people working far away from home in the wild. These houses can be frequently found in Asia, Africa and South America.



Reason No. 5. Containers can also be tailored into different kinds of public and private facilities. You may have met many people sell food and drinks on the street, but their houses cannot move as they wish to. And those that can be moved from one place to another are shabby and not weather-proof. At this time shipping containers have come to help. They usually have sizes ranging from 20ft to 40ft, which makes them easily shaped into various forms. If you think it is better to add a few wheels to them, do it now! Besides, modern architects think containers can also be made into mobile toilets or just toilets inside a building. This has become reality.

After reading through the 5 reasons, why are you still hesitating? If you need a comfortable and affordable house to live in or just a place to stay for a while, you should take a look at container houses. They are out there waiting for you!

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