How to build a prefabricated house?

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Are you considering building a prefabricated house to live in or stay at for a while? If you have concerns like this, you might as well try to build such a house. Prefabricated house is prefab house for short and usually refers to a house which doesn’t need bricks, sand, concrete and even steel and is made from iron boards and frames connected by screws and welding. And it has several types including modular house and panel houses. How to build such a house on earth? There are few steps to follow.


Step 1. Look before you leap.

Before building a prefab house, you need to think about things like house style, cost and location. Style means you can try to design your own house, which means you can make it beautiful or ugly. Think about it and even brainstorm. Cost means you need to calculate the budget you wish to put on it. A decent budget can make a decent house, and a handsome budget will make a beautiful and even luxurious house. Location plays a very important role. Is the location you choose suitable for you or your workers? Is it easy to get building permission on the land you want from the local government? Things like this should be under your concern.

Step 2. Getting land rental or purchase purchase permission and find a good contractor.

Getting land permission is a must-do process for the house installation. Some may spend a long time, while others may only just need a few hours or days. Without the permission, nothing will be done. Therefore, renting or buying a land according to local laws is extremely important. Then find a suitable contractor or prefab house builder to do the building job. For example, if you build commercial prefabricated houses, you may find Suzhou Tiandi Manufacturing very helpful and cheap, for it comes from China and is specialized in manufacturing prefab houses.

Step 3. Make your own design and tell the builder.

A key process in building the house is to make a design plan on your own and then inform your builder with it. A prefabricated house builder needs a detailed explanation of your idea on how to build a house as your home or construction site, because they will further calculate the materials they should supply for you. If you don’t have a design plan, I think you need to tell each of your detailed ideas to the builder as carefully as possible, so that the building process will become smooth.

Step 4. Transport prefab components.

Many prefab houses are built on site with numerous prefab components shipped from afar. So, you may order prefab houses and other components first from a manufacturer, and then ship them to the site you require. Foreign trade is now one of the best solutions to lowering the cost of a prefab house. Indeed you can order from your local manufacturer. Behold, foreign trade may take days or even over a month to arrive.

Step 5. Find workers to assemble the prefab house.

A contractor may help you assemble the house, and you can also employ enough workers to finish the project. It’s your choice. Usually the process needs machines too. You have to bear this in mind too.

Step 6. Flooring, plumbing and electrical wiring.

Once the house is assembled, it needs proper flooring, plumbing and electrical wiring. This is nearly the same when you assemble container houses. It looks this step not that complicated, while in fact this needs some time. Proper plumbing and electrical wiring are very important. Experts will need to be very careful to finish the job. So, be careful of this step.

After finishing the whole installing process, you will be able to enjoy the comfort of the house. But there is one thing you should learn before building such a house. That is a prefabricated house for family living and the one for construction workers differ largely from each other because of their different designs, costs and functions. Don’t think such a house is only made for family living! It has other important functions too.

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