Jeep ISO shipping container house

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Name: Jeep ISO shipping container house
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Jeep ISO shipping container house advantages:


1. Easy Transportation
Modified Shipping Container is easy to be transported and loaded, strong and durable.

2. Strong Material
Modified from ISO standard sea container,both used and new container.

3. Easy using
With no time assembling it. Just get it, put it on the flat ground, and then use it.

4. Perfect using
Good force resistance, heatproof insulation, soundproof insulation, moisture resistance can be made during modification.

5. Pre-made items
Inner items can be completely built-up, both water pipe system and electrical system could be well installed, ready to hook-up local supply system.

6. Combining as you like
containers of this construction can be linked together according to your requirement.


Jeep ISO shipping container house parameters

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